Leather Fireplaces

An open fire in a room adds warmth, both literally and metaphorically. The fire is considered to be the centre of the room. A fireplace has to be included within the overall interior design, particularly in light of the fact that it is often the centre of social activity. This turns the fireplace into a genuine eye-catcher, not just in terms of the fire itself, or the illusion of a fire, but also as a design element in the interior. Above the fire, we have the chimney, the classic location for a mantel painting, mirror or family portrait. But why not think out-of-the-box with Alphenberg and imagine what the same chimney could look like with a leather covering. Funky, chic and unique; no two leathers are the same and it also adds a touch of warmth which is ideal for the fireplace. Next to the fire, we find calm and cosiness, a place where the craziness of our day-to-day lives melts away and time stands still. A chimney with a leather covering fits perfectly into that picture… not only trendy but also timeless.