Exclusive leather for
unique interior applications

The specials of Alphenberg are the result of a continuing search for innovative applications with leather. The search for exclusive leather remains a challenge. We do not meet a need… we create it. Alphenberg keeps adding a new dimension to the covering of floors, walls and furniture. And, of course, all made of 100% natural buffalo leather.

Innovation, design & the environment

Whether it regards a leather floor or a leather wall, a leather tile or carpet… leather must look like leather. All skins are finished manually by us in order to accentuate the natural characteristics. We most definitely take the environment into account; that is why the tanning, colouring and ennoblement take place on the basis of biologically degradable substances. This process creates the numerous hues that render the material, which is originally already unique, even more exclusive. And because we continuously focus on improvement, innovation, design and experimentation, new possibilities are created over and over again.

Exclusive leather collections


The sky isnot the limit… discover our new star in the ALPHENBERG FIRMAMENT: HYPERNOVA

Hypernova stands, better than any other product from the Alphenberg collection, for the result of the infinite search for innovation and modernisation. A mix of colours, metallics and wax yields such a surprising and impressive result that it cannot be compared with any predecessor from the series. Hypernova is a true eye-catcher in any environment. It can be processed perfectly as wall or bar covering or for furniture or wall units. Hypernova is now available and can be delivered in the colours Jade, Brass, Copper, Cold Steel, Corten, Peacock, Moro and Silver Grey.


COBRA & CAIMAN collection… leather with a surprising skin

On the basis of our leather types Tuscany, Tundra and Pampas, Alphenberg developed a surprising effect through an addition to the skin. The beautiful relief pattern of the skin of a caiman was applied to the leather. This creates a natural pattern that can be processed perfectly on walls in different atmospheres. For instance, the ‘Caiman Tundra Clay’ has a tough and robust look and feel. Whilst the ‘Caiman Pampas Pitch Black’ has a slightly exiting and chic appearance. Apart from this crocodile skin, the possibility also exists to opt for the version inspired by the cobra snake. The cobra has a more fine-tuned and more regular structure and provides a more modest effect. Both variants are available in several colours.

Exclusive Leather Examples & Inspiration

Exclusief leer wanden meubels