Cobra and Caiman collection

100% buffalo leather with exotic appearance

Leather in your interior provides a rich, warm and exclusive feeling. And that is simply a fact. And an ‘additional skin’ emphasises this all the more so. A wall covered with the structure of the skin of a crocodile or cobra is an absolute eye-catcher. And still 100% buffalo leather but with an exotic appearance. We are talking about two unique types of leather from the innovation kitchen of ALPHENBERG.

Two special editions of leather processing on the, originally relatively smooth, leather. Existing leather types like Tuscany, Tundra and Pampas are eminently suitable for this edition. A special processing operation at our own workshop creates a beautiful, tangible reliefthat in combination with the subtle hues creates a rich and chic appearance.

Cobra has aslightly more fine-tuned structure than the caiman. Cobra has a regular feel and a very fine structure like on the skin of a snake.
Caiman, on the other hand, is somewhat tougher and clearly has a rougher profile. The large crocodile with its beautiful skin divided into bordering scales clearly modelled for this impressive pattern.

Much can be said about the colours of these showpieces, but it is best to simply have a look at the colour sample card.

Both variants of this leather processing can basically be used for all applications. There are, however, some rules of advice but you can always get in touch with us for that.

We are pleased to inform you and we prefer thinking along with you about the possibilities from an early stage.

Exclusive leather