Alphenberg Brochure

A CHOICE FOR EXCLUSIVITY, CHIC AND STURDY Imagine, you enter a room, a beautiful room, carefully arranged and designed, stylish and sturdy. The first impression is surprising, the familiar [...]

Leather Underfoot

Leather Underfoot Martin C. Pedersen MANUFACTURER Alphenberg COMPOSITION Leather from Asian water buffalo is tanned using natural materials, so it contains no chrome or other [...]


Chique and sturdy! That is what the leather staircases of the company Upstairs from The Netherlands stands for. Designed by famous Dutch Designer Bertram Beerbaum, leather developed and produced [...]

Leather Seen

Move aside perfection. Here comes authenticity. ALPHENBERG, premium producer of leather flooring and wall coverings, has become the go-to partner for high-end contract and private projects [...]

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