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A leather floor: strong, warm, insulated, noise reducing, durable, fire retardant, low-maintenance and above all, very beautiful.


Leather wall covering: stylish, exclusive and completely distinctive. Leather allows the walls to set the tone.


A stairway is a challenge. For every architect and every interior designer, the stairway is an element that can genuinely set the tone.


Doors are so obviously part of an interior that we can forget how much impact they have on the spaces in which we live and work.


Let’s be honest, when we think about decorating a kitchen we don’t often consider leather.


An open fire in a room adds warmth, both literally and metaphorically. The fire is considered to be the centre of the room.


A classic American film; in the twilight of a bar, a late customeroccupies a seat at the counter, sipping a glass of whisky.


Thousands of buffalo hides pass through the hands of the Alphenberg specialists each year.

‘Our mastery is the result of a continuous search for innovative ways of using leather’ – Rob Koemans

SINCE 1978

At Alphenberg we are passionate about leather. We love the natural-tough-chique look and feel, we like the way it smells and foremost, we are challenged by the endless possibilities it has to offer. It’s our mission to uphold the honour of leather
and to be spirited ambassadors inspiring the world to apply this characteristic material as much as possible in our daily lives.

We take our profession very seriously and are proud of our arts and crafts. Using our extended experience to innovate and
co-create with our clients, adding new dimensions to cover floors, walls and many other surfaces. In various colours, fire retardant, sound reducing and simple to maintain.

‘Co-creating with clients is the most rewarding part of my job’ – Rob Koemans


To us, a sustainable way of working and producing is logical. It’s part of everything we think and do, and we strive to improve our practices every day. It governs our choices for colleagues, suppliers, partners, materials and assortment. Furthermore, it’s an important guideline in servicing clients, the way we built our relationships and how we underline our social engagement.

Our hides come from animals that have lived in the wild and are preserved using modern tannings. The tanning, dyeing and finishing is done with biologically degradable materials. This means that waste products from the meat-processing industry are transformed into a biologically degradable material.

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